Who Is Travis Kalanick

Software Firm Learns the Rules of Disengagement. Phred Dvorak, 8 October 2007. In April 2006, all four employees of San Francisco software developer Red Swoosh Inc. decamped to a beach in Thailand — for six weeks. They hoped to rejuvenate a team, and product, that had fallen into a rut.

The Red Swoosh team battled bugs, a pesky monkey and tropical squalls while writing code on laptops at a seaside café. And that, says founder Travis Kalanick, was exactly what they needed. By the time the engineers returned in June, they had not only rewritten the software and reworked an Internet-sales site, but boosted morale and bonded as a team, he says (The Wall Street Journal).

Peer-to-peer nets ‘here to stay’. Jo Twist, 21 January 2005. The music and film industries have started some big legal cases against owners of legitimate P2P networks – which are not illegal in themselves – and of individuals accused of distributing pirated content over networks.

But they have slowly realised that P2P is a good way to distribute content, said Travis Kalanick, founder and chairman of P2P network Red Swoosh, and soon they are all going to want a slice of it.

They are just waiting to come up with “business models” that work for them, which includes digital rights management and copy-protection standards (BBC).

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