Who Is Jack Ma

Small Is Beautiful. Jack Ma, 26 October 2009. People talk a lot today about fixing things, but it is not the system that needs fixing. The problem is with so-called “conventional wisdom.” Those who believe in carrying on with business as usual might as well suggest powering cars with a troika of horses (The New York Times).

Web 2.0 Summit: Jack Ma, Alibaba.com. Bobbie Johnson, 8 November 2006. But he doesn’t like following the herd (he won’t read books about eBay or Google because “I want to influence others, I don’t want them to influence me”). This is especially important because he thinks search is the next big scrap back home (The Guardian).

Mr ‘Made in China’ – a dreamer with a mission. Elaine Chan, 10 September 2007. Mr. Ma, 43, has spent the past eight years building the Alibaba group centring on e-commerce and targeting SMEs. The efforts resulted in five units – the business to business (B2B) Alibaba.com (Alibaba), Taobao.com for consumer e-commerce, Alipay, an online payment system, Alisoft for software, and Yahoo China (South China Morning Post).

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