Who Is Aaron Levie

Bachelorville’s Big Fish. Alex Williams, 6 June 2012. Many Silicon Valley observers consider the cloud-computing storage company that Mr.Levie and his partner, Dylan Smith, conceived in Mr. Levie’s University of Southern California dorm room as a potential Next Big Thing.

At 27, Mr. Levie has already taken a page from the Steve Jobs playbook. Last September, he played ringmaster at the company’s first conference, BoxWorks, showing up in orange sneakers and firing up a crowd of hundreds with motivational pronouncements before handing out free Motorola XOOM tablets for everyone, Oprah-style, and giving over the stage to Third Eye Blind.

While Mr. Levie, who has a longtime girlfriend, hasn’t made an enormous killing yet, many Silicon Valley observers consider it just a matter of time. Recently,Box. reportedly turned down a buyout offer exceeding $500 million (The New York Times).

Doing Apps and Start-Ups While Still in High School. Quentin Hardy, 2 July 2012. “The kids here have such an unfair advantage,” said Aaron Levie, 27, the chief executive of a data storage company, Box, referring to students throughout the Valley. He recently spoke during Science Week at another local high school, nearby Los Altos High. “In Seattle we had lots of computers, but we never had venture capitalists drop by.”

At his talk in Los Altos, he had this advice.

“I told them to make friends and leverage their four years of freedom,” he said. “If you look at Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, you see that lots of foundational things can happen among high school friends.” Like those other companies, he said, Box, valued at about $350 million, was built by several high school friends.

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