Hello again, thanks for being on Lyman’s Linklog. Rework (2010) was a life-changing reading for us. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of 37Signals (now Basecamp) opened our eyes to a different way of looking at the same things and answered many of our gut-feel doubts about what are normally accepted as “common wisdom.” One lesson we got was to de-prioritize referring to oneself as a “founder” or “entrepreneur,” and just focus on being starters of projects instead.

Many of how we do things is down to the lessons Jason and David’s shared that year, including how we started our law partnership, startup, non-profits, and social enterprise and how we advise companies, startups, cooperatives, and foundations and the starters who lead them. Every day, we look for useful links for starters like you. Share with us yours! By default, let the Linklog credit you with a link back to your site. You can, of course, tell us otherwise, using the appropriate button below. Thank you! Note: (*) for required fields

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