Måleri,_allegorisk_bild._Musiken_-_Skoklosters_slott_-_88969 1000

Måleri, allegorisk bild. Musiken. Third quarter of 16th century.

This south Nederlandish painting was probably executed by Frans Floris or someone connected to his studio in Antwerp during the late 16th century.

It is an allegory of music and depicts a lady sitting by a table holding a lute in her right hand and grabbing a slice of bread that lies on the table with her left. In the background is a scene with drunkened soldiers wearing Roman costumes. This type of allegorical motifs was a popular subject during the renaissance and the baroque, corresponding well with the ideas of symbolism and hidden meanings.

Additional info: This painting possibly once belonged to the collection of Rudolf II of Habsburg in Prague, who was a great admirer of Floris and owned several works by him. If so, it was later taken as war booty and sent to Sweden after the looting of the Kunstkammer by the Swedish army in 1648. It is possible that it corresponds to the one refered to as Ein musica vom Flores (lot 845) in the inventory of the imperial collection 1621.

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