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Know your blue ocean

Warning: It’s hard to explain this to someone who does not take the time to read, someone too proud to pick up a book (or an excerpt, or just to Google a term, for godsakes), or someone too lazy to think. But for someone starting something like you, this is important. HBR’s The Explainer: Blue Ocean Strategy is one of many good intros on the subject that are available practically everywhere for those willing to exert some minimum amount of effort. (Image edited from:

Are you radically open-minded?

This is hard to do because it goes against the grain of how we naturally are. Especially for starters who instinctively feel there must be no room for self-doubt in their system. But if you “remember that you’re looking for the best answer, not simply the best answer that you can come up with yourself,” then you see the nuance and importance of this. It starts with knowing that being close-minded is a mental hurdle, a critical one. (Image edited from: The New York Times)

War of the Mattress

Who knew that mattress-time stories can be this engaging? I did not expect to read “The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare” (FastCompany) to the end. But I did. I remember somebody in Godfather wanting to go to the mattresses. Welcome to the mattress underworld, ecommerce version. (Image: Signal v. Noise on Medium)

Starbucks Reserve

The day you decide to become a commodity is the day you die

Image: Dracat. “Howard Schultz, Winston Churchill, Commoditization” (Tim Askew, Inc.) is an insightful take into a lesson that is arguably hard to disagree with, but can often and easily be overlooked. Not for lack of trying. Many people just wouldn’t even know what it means to be commoditized—would you?

Who’s stronger, the bull or the carabao?

In “China’s Thirst For Energy Makes Red Bull Rival a Billionaire,” Bloomberg looks at the rise of Red Bull rival Carabao. As a football watcher, I first thought the League Cup (one of those football competitions in England) being called the Carabao Cup sounded funny. When my favorite team, Manchester United actually won the thing, i.e. the Cup, last season, I noticed it some more. Then now it is hard to miss it emblazoned on the seats at Stamford Bridge, home stadium of Chelsea Football Club, which Carabao sponsors. Interesting to know that Thailand remains the world’s most advanced energy drink market, never mind the fact that it has given birth to not just one but now two iconic energy drink brands. (Image edited from: Clauper/Wikimedia)

VIDEO: ‘How the Economic Machine Works, in 30 minutes’

Watch and let us know if this could probably be the most important 30 minutes of your economic (101) life. “This simple but not simplistic video by Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates, shows the basic driving forces behind the economy, and explains why economic cycles occur.”

DOWNLOAD (pdf): ‘How the Economic Machine Works’

“An economy is simply the sum of the transactions that make it up. A transaction is a simple thing. Because there are a lot of them, the economy looks more complex than it really is. If instead of looking at it from the top down, we look at it from the transaction up, it is much easier to understand.”

Private Equity Primer

“Private equity buys up assets at a bargain. It often targets assets that are in trouble and seeks to make them profitable. Private equity typically holds on to businesses before selling them or taking them public on the stock market. Private equity firms are generally paid, in Wall Street parlance, 2 and 20. That means it makes 2 percent of the money it manages. And it takes a 20 percent cut of the profits above a certain threshold.” (The New York Times)