Year in Review: Nine Articles I Green Hearted on Medium in 2015 and Why

‘Paul Graham’s Startup Advice for the Lazy.’ Stelios Constantinides, July 17, 2015. Because who wouldn’t want a summary reminder of Paul’s classical essays on the subject. Bonus: the equally classical design of the site. When I set up my law office five years ago in 2010, I “bootstrapped”. Where do you you think I got that? (1)

‘Some advice from Jeff Bezos’. Jason Fried, September 21, 2015. Because Jeff Bezos, Jason Fried, and DHH are inspirational. And I liked that they (sort of) “joined forces” in 37signals, now singularly known as Basecamp. Imagine Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader together. Ha! (2)

‘Elon Musk’s sleight of hand’. Gavin Sheridan, October 3, 2015. Because Uber (cars on demand), Google (self-driving cars + Uber = hmmm . . .) and Tesla (electric cars + Google + Uber = hmmm . . .) are in a “Game of Thrones” for the future of mobility. Tell me, is there a better fight night in the offing? Especially when Uber is going into self-driving cars itself? When Elon Musk is saying Tesla would have self-driving versions in two year’s time? (3)

‘What Kind of Design Work Should I do?’. Julie Zhuo, October 13, 2015. Because Julie is awesome. That’s a designer’s flow chart worth the double tape. We are doing “design”, whether we know it or not. All manners and persuasions of business today need to think like a technology company to stay relevant. (4)

The web is the greatest entrepreneurial platform ever invented. Lowest barriers of entry, greatest human reach ever. Startup something useful. A dent in the universe is plenty.

‘What The New York Times Didn’t Tell You’. Jay Carney, October 19, 2015. Because even the news source you admire the most for its writing will eat your head alive if you let it. Read, but verify. Trust? Are you kidding me? (5)

‘Why I stopped reading/hearing/watching the news.’ The Handsome Pig, October 7, 2014***. Okay, this is 2014. But every year be reminded that news is mostly trash, biased, and useless. (6)

‘The Tai Chi Lesson That I Can Apply to Almost Anything’. James Sturm, October 21, 2015. Because happiness is finding meaning in what we do. (7)

‘Reconsider’. DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson), November 4, 2015. Because—

“The web is the greatest entrepreneurial platform ever invented. Lowest barriers of entry, greatest human reach ever . . . Permission-less, grand reach, diversity of implementation. Don’t believe this imaginary wall of access of money. It isn’t there. Examine and interrogate your motivations, reject the money if you dare, and startup something useful. A dent in the universe is plenty.” (8)

‘The day I became a millionaire’. DHH, November 25, 2015. Because it’s a reminder that money buys things. But not meaning, purpose. Ambition itself? Not even. (9)

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