From September, 2016

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Who Is Aaron Levie

“I told them to make friends and leverage their four years of freedom,” he said. “If you look at Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, you see that lots of foundational things can happen among high school friends.” Like those other companies, he said, Box, valued at about $350 million, was built by several high school friends. (2012)

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Who Is Travis Kalanick

They have slowly realised that P2P is a good way to distribute content, said Travis Kalanick, founder and chairman of P2P network Red Swoosh, and soon they are all going to want a slice of it They are just waiting to come up with “business models” that work for them, which includes digital rights management and copy-protection standards. (2005)

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Who Is Larry Ellison

“I know this e-mail may/will depress you,” Simon wrote in a 2002 note about diversification. “However, I believe it’s my job to address issues you’d prefer not to confront. You told me years ago that it’s OK to raise the ‘diversification issue’ with you quarterly. . . . Well, I’m doing so. View this as a call to arms.” (2006)

Craig Newmark, half-tone

Who Is Craig Newmark

EBay bought a 28.4 percent minority interest in Craigslist in 2004. “The recent actions by the Craigslist directors have disadvantaged eBay and its investment in Craigslist,” said Mike Jacobson, eBay’s senior vice president and general counsel, in a written statement . (2008)

Matt Mullenweg, half-tone

Who Is Matt Mullenweg

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg envisions expansion less like a bloated corporation serving the profit motives of a few and more like a city of interconnected developers and designers with varying skill sets. (2013)